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  • Maria Santiago-Valentín

Statements of the Coalition Members about USA announcing exiting the Paris Climate Agreement

Statement by Sharleen Leahy - Songs4Peace

The Trump Administration's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement to curb greenhouse gases constitutes a grave crime against humanity and all Creation. Trump's betrayal of our planetary obligation is a historic misstep which will not only harm the climate but will set our nation back economically, diplomatically and morally. We The People must show the world community that the vast majority of Americans are dedicated to progressive policies that will move our nation to a 100% renewable-energy economy. Silence is not an option.

–Sharleen Leahey songs4p

Statement by Maria Santiago-Valentín, Climate Reality Leader (2013), Sierra Club EJ Committee (April 2017), Lead Organizer- 2017 New Jersey People's Climate Movement Rally.

The decision taken by the new administration, the catastrophic withdrawal of the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement, in effect backpedaling from the promises that we made to the world, is reckless, irresponsible and harmful to all global citizens. It is shameful, since our country is also largely responsible for the pollution and toxics that are impacting other communities that have not harmed the environment. Our Coalition supports the cities, states, mayors, and businesses that declared they would remain faithful to the Paris Agreement, and are in the process of creating the U.S. Climate Alliance. We look forward to supporting their initiatives, and standing in solidarity with their efforts.

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